Power Play – Team Building Game – ML


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Play as an All-Star Captain, build your ultimate team, score the most goals and win the cup! Captain your very own Pro Hockey Team in the NHL Power Play Team-Building Card Game. With your Captain card to guide you, put together the best team you can from names across all 30 NHL teams. Every card features the stars of the NHL in high-resolution action shots. Can you light the lamp enough times to win the game? Compete for the best attackers, the best defenders, the best skills, and the best maneuver cards. Each card you add to your team will build upon the strategy you have chosen. Soon your team will act like a well-oiled machine and you’ll be ready to take a shot on goal. If you can beat the goalie, you score a point! The player who scores the most points wins. Games typically end with « hockey scores » like 4-3. When you take a shot on goal, the action is tense. Before you reveal all of the tricks up your sleeve, there is a chance for defenders to interfere with your attack. The more defenders that get in your way, the harder it will be to score. After the defenders (if any) have been revealed, you play out your hand. That’s right! The defenders won’t know who’s crashing the net until after they have coordinated their defense. Now that you know what you’re up against, play your cards and see if your strategy and players were good enough to overcome the defenses and the goalie. If it is, you score! Contents:

  • 200+ Game Cards
  • 6 Oversized Captain Cards
  • Rulebook

  • 2–4 Players
  • 30 Min
  • Age: 15+

Soit le capitaine de ton équipe de hockey professionnelle avec le jeu de carte de formation d’équipes Power Play de la LNH! Forme ton équipe de rêve avec les joueurs des 30 clubs de la LNH et domine tes adversaires. Peux-tu marquer suffisamment de buts pour l’emporter?

  • Jeux rapide et facile à apprendre.
  • Comprend des joueurs des 30 clubs de la LNH.
  • Plus de 200 cartes avec photos officielles de la LNH.