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Tumblin Dice (ml)

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Avec Tumblin-Dice, votre habilité et vos nerfs seront mis à rude épreuve !
À tour de rôle, chaque joueur lance un de ses dés à l’aide d’une pichenette, afin de l’envoyer le plus loin possible sur le plateau de jeu tout en essayant d’éjecter les dés adverses qui se trouvent sur son chemin.


A dexterity dice game consisting of four sets of colored dice one either slides, rolls, or flicks down a stepped surface. Usually one slides the die for better accuracy. After each person has slid their 4 dice, points are scored. You score the die roll times a multiplier of either 1×, 2×, 3×, or 4× depending on which area of the board the die is on. (Dice which land in the 0× region are immediately removed from play.) High scoring rolls are targets for opponents. Four rounds are played and the player with the most points win.